Menthol crystals for saunas – what are they and what are they used for?


Menthol crystals are an organic compound in the form of transparent crystals, melting at 40-50°C. They have mildly anesthetic and antiseptic properties, while stimulating the cool receptors of the skin and mucous membranes. Their versatile use, both in the pharmaceutical and food industries, underscores their versatility and economy in use.

Menthol crystals are obtained by gently freezing peppermint essential oil (extracted from mint leaves), resulting in the formation of crystals.

The use of menthol crystals in the sauna

By adding menthol crystals to the sauna, a unique experience of “icy heat” can be achieved, as enthusiasts describe it. A simultaneous feeling of heat from the sauna and cool refreshment from the menthol is felt, causing the body to receive conflicting signals, intensifying the relaxing and therapeutic experience. Such a session helps combat stress while offering relief from muscle pain and fatigue, as well as aiding breathing.

The use of menthol crystals in the sauna

How to use menthol crystals in the sauna?

Menthol crystals are immersed in hot water. A sauna broom, soaked in such water, is enriched with the healing properties of menthol. It benefits the immune system, improves the condition of the skin and provides a pronounced cooling effect. Place one crystal (or some powder) directly on the stones; the crystals will melt, filling the sauna with menthol aroma. If poured with water, the aroma will become more intense. It is also possible to combine the use of menthol crystals with eucalyptus (in any form – as an infusion, aromatizer, etc.).
To enhance the effect of “icy heat”, menthol crystals can also be gently rubbed into the temples and top of the head.

Properties of menthol

  • Anesthetic (acts as a local anesthetic);
  • Stimulant (activates skin-cool receptors);
  • Antiseptic.

Why try a menthol sauna?

Sauna with menthol crystals is not only a way to deeply relax and refresh, but also to experience the unique, contradictory sensations of heat and cold, which can help stop unwanted thoughts and increase body awareness. Combining the traditional benefits of the sauna with the therapeutic effects of menthol, this unusual experience guarantees not only relief for the body, but also for the mind.

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