The Profession of a Sauna Master – What are the Duties and Specifics of the Job?


A sauna master is a specialist who leads sauna sessions, ensuring optimal conditions for relaxation and health benefits from the sauna. In this article, we will take a closer look at this profession, its duties, characteristics, and skills necessary for its performance, as well as health specifics related to this work.

Role and duties of a sauna master

A sauna master is a true artist and host in the world of the sauna. Their task is to create unforgettable experiences for guests by precisely controlling the conditions in the sauna, such as temperature and humidity. Each session led by a sauna master is a unique spectacle, combining aromatherapy, air techniques, and even live music sessions.

This job, although challenging, is incredibly satisfying. Creative freedom and the ability to influence the well-being of others make the sauna master feel not just a specialist, but an artist.

However, this work also requires resilience. A sauna master must cope with the monotony of daily duties, such as maintaining cleanliness and order, as well as running standard sauna sessions.

At the same time, every time they open the door to the sauna, the sauna master has an opportunity to create something magical, something that guests will remember long after leaving the sauna. This ability to create unforgettable experiences for others is the true reward for the hard work of a sauna master.

Most job offers usually define the following responsibilities for the employee:

  • Preparation of specialized infusions in the sauna and care for guests;
  • Performing supervisory tasks in the spa in accordance with applicable safety and hygiene standards;
  • Responsibility for the safety of spa clients and providing assistance in emergency situations;
  • Guiding guests through the spa area;
  • Maintaining cleanliness throughout the spa facility;
  • Daily activation of sauna equipment along with cleaning activities.
  • Reporting any malfunctions to the technical department.

Key characteristics and skills

A sauna master should be communicative and friendly, able to handle stress, and have good physical condition considering the high temperatures in the sauna. They also need to have time management and organization skills to conduct sessions according to the schedule. First aid skills are also important due to potential health hazards for sauna guests.

Health and safety at work

Working at high temperatures can pose a challenge for a sauna master. The risk of dehydration, overheating, and other health issues is real. Therefore, it’s important for those interested in this work to be in good health, especially when it comes to the circulatory system.

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