Sauna culture: rules of conduct in a public sauna


The sauna is a place that for many people has become synonymous with relaxation and wellness. Using a sauna offers a number of health benefits, such as cleansing the body of toxins, improving circulation, relieving muscle pain and reducing stress. Public saunas, which are present in many sports and recreational facilities, provide an opportunity for people who do not have access to a sauna in their homes to share the benefits of a sauna. However, the use of a public sauna requires the observance of certain rules to make the use of this place pleasant, hygienic and safe for all participants.

The purpose of this article is to acquaint readers with the rules that should apply when using a public sauna. Knowledge of this subject will help avoid misunderstandings and uncomfortable situations, as well as increase comfort and safety when using the sauna. We invite you to read the following tips to enjoy the sauna in a fully informed manner.

Personal hygiene

Adherence to basic personal hygiene is crucial to the comfort and health of all public sauna users. Here are some important hygiene recommendations when using a sauna:

  1. Washing yourself before entering the sauna: Before you enter the sauna, it is essential to wash your body thoroughly with soap and water. This will get rid of bacteria, cosmetic residue and other contaminants that can affect the comfort and hygiene of other users.
  2. Using towels: When using the sauna, it is recommended to spread a towel on the bench where you will be sitting or lying down. This will avoid skin contact with the bench surface, which contributes to hygiene.
  3. Avoid perfumes and cosmetics: Before entering the sauna, refrain from using perfumes, deodorants and other cosmetics that may contain irritants to other people or pollute the sauna atmosphere.
  4. Prohibit eating and drinking inside the sauna: Eating and drinking inside the sauna is prohibited for reasons of hygiene and to avoid spilling liquids on hot surfaces, which can lead to dangerous situations.

Washing up before entering the sauna

Remember that personal hygiene is not only a matter of taking care of your own health, but also an expression of respect for other sauna users. By following these rules, you will contribute to the cleanliness and comfort of the public sauna.

Dress etiquette

Proper dress is an important part of sauna etiquette, as it affects the comfort and hygiene of everyone present. Here are some tips on how to dress appropriately for a visit to a public sauna:

  1. Choosing an appropriate bathing suit or using a towel: Depending on local customs and facility rules and regulations, you may be required to wear a bathing suit or use a towel in a public sauna. In the case of a bathing suit, it is advisable to choose one that is made of heat-resistant materials and does not irritate the skin. If the rules allow you to use the sauna without a bathing suit, make sure to cover yourself with a towel when you sit or lie on the bench.
  2. If possible, wear flip-flops when moving around the facility, especially in wet areas such as showers or the pool area. This will help prevent the spread of bacteria and maintain sauna hygiene.

Behavior in the sauna

When using a public sauna, it is important to follow the rules of good behavior so that all participants can enjoy a relaxing experience. Here are some basic rules to follow when visiting a sauna:

  1. Respect the privacy of other users. The sauna is a place where many people seek peace and relaxation. Try to avoid invading the privacy of others, for example, by not staring in their direction or not sitting right next to them if other spaces are available.
  2. Keep an eye on your children. Do not allow your child to make noise or bother other people in the public sauna. Keep your child away from the hot stove.
  3. Avoid noise and loud conversations. The sauna is not a place for loud conversations or laughing out loud. Aim to maintain silence or speak in whispers to avoid disturbing other users.
  4. Limit the use of electronic devices. Using mobile phones, tablets, or other electronic devices in the sauna is not only dangerous for the devices due to high temperature but can also be a source of unwanted sounds or lights that bother others. Try to minimize the use of electronics.
  5. Do not add aromatic oils to the stove without the administrator’s permission and the acceptance of the other users of the public sauna. People come to the sauna to relax, not to inhale your favorite scent, which may cause someone discomfort.
  6. Observe the sauna session time. To use the sauna in a health-safe way, it is worth following the recommendations regarding the duration of one session. Usually, it lasts from 10 to 15 minutes, after which you should leave the sauna for a moment to cool down your body. Also, remember that public saunas may have their own time limits, which should be adhered to, to give other users a chance to use the sauna.


Using a sauna responsibly and safely is vital to the health of all users. Here are some safety rules to follow when visiting a public sauna:

  1. Use the sauna in moderation: Do not exceed the recommended sauna session duration (usually 10 to 15 minutes) and avoid using the sauna too often in one day. This will avoid overheating the body and counteract possible health problems.
  2. Exceptions for people with health contraindications: Some people, due to their health conditions, should avoid saunas or use them only after consulting a doctor. These include people with certain heart diseases, high blood pressure, asthma, severe infections or pregnant women. If you have doubts about your health, consult your doctor before using a sauna.
  3. Be aware of the symptoms of overheating the body: When using a sauna, be aware of symptoms that may indicate overheating, such as dizziness, nausea, accelerated heartbeat or heavy sweating. If you observe such symptoms in yourself, leave the sauna immediately and give your body time to cool down.
  4. Do not touch the heater or place any objects on it, and do not place a towel near the heater or chimney. Keep children away from the heater.

Relaxation after a sauna session

Properly ending a visit to a public sauna is just as important as following the rules while using it. Here are some tips on how to take care of your body and mind after a sauna session:

  1. Cooling down the body: After leaving the sauna, it is important to give your body time to cool down. You can do this by showering with cool water, getting into a pool with cooler water or simply sitting in a cooler room. Cooling down after a sauna session helps normalize your body temperature and stimulates circulation.
  2. Regeneration and hydration: After a sauna session, it’s a good idea to keep your body hydrated by drinking water or isotonic drinks. Also remember to give yourself time to rest, relax and recuperate.
  3. Take advantage of additional treatments: Many public saunas offer additional treatments, such as massage, aromatherapy or light therapy. Taking advantage of these services can contribute to an even greater relaxation and wellness effect.

Respect for staff and taking care of the facility

An important aspect of using a public sauna is to show respect for the staff operating the facility and to maintain cleanliness and order. Here are some rules to follow:

  1. Follow sauna rules and regulations: Each public sauna has its own rules and regulations, which specify the rules for using the facility. Before entering the sauna, make sure you know the rules and try to follow them.
  2. Take care of cleanliness: Try to keep the sauna and adjacent areas, such as locker rooms, showers and rest areas, neat and clean. Take care not to leave trash, including used towels or beverage bottles.
  3. Communicate with staff: When necessary, don’t be shy about approaching sauna staff with questions or requests. By working with them, you are helping to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for everyone using the sauna.
  4. Inform about problems: If you notice any problems, such as uncleanliness, equipment damage or inappropriate behavior by other users, report them to the staff so they can quickly resolve the situation and ensure a comfortable environment for everyone.

By following these rules, you will contribute to maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the public sauna and help the staff ensure safe and comfortable conditions for all users. Shared responsibility for cleanliness and order makes sauna use more enjoyable for all participants.

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