Clothing for sauna – What to wear in a sauna?


Using a sauna is not just a health experience, but also a sensual one. The proper comfort and hygiene during a sauna session depend not only on the right temperature and humidity, but also on the quality of textiles we use. Towels, sauna kilts, sauna hats, robes, pillows, and mats – all these elements create a unique atmosphere of relaxation and help us reap the full benefits of a sauna session.

Sauna Towels and Kilts

A sauna towel or kilt are the basic textiles we should take with us to the sauna. They are not just an element of hygiene, but also add comfort during the session.

A sauna towel should be large enough to sit or lie comfortably on it. A high-quality sauna towel should be made from natural materials such as cotton, which absorbs moisture well and is skin-friendly.

A sauna kilt is an alternative to a towel, especially popular among men. It’s a type of skirt that’s worn with Velcro or ties directly on the naked body during a sauna session. A kilt is convenient because you don’t have to worry about it slipping, as can happen with a towel. When choosing a kilt, pay attention to its size (it should correspond to the waist circumference) and the material (ideally, it should be 100% cotton).

In both cases, it’s crucial that the textiles are easy to wash, as they will be used often and exposed to moisture and sweat. Also, pay attention to the color – light colors can get dirty quickly, but dark colors can absorb too much heat. The best solution might be medium tones, such as gray or beige.

Sauna Hats

A sauna hat is an invaluable addition to the sauna experience. One of the main reasons to invest in a sauna hat is to protect against overheating. The high temperature in the sauna can lead to excessive head heating, which in turn can cause an uncomfortable feeling of heat and even dizziness. A sauna hat helps protect the head from direct heat by creating an insulating barrier that helps keep the head temperature at a safe level.

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Another significant benefit of wearing a sauna hat is the protection of the scalp and hair. High temperature and steam in the sauna can dry out the scalp and hair, leading to their weakening and damage. A sauna hat helps protect the skin and hair from these effects, preserving their health and vitality.

Various types of sauna hats are available on the market, including traditional hats and special sauna turbans. These are a convenient solution for people with long hair, as they provide additional space for hair and often have tied tops, allowing for individual size and comfort adjustment.

If a sauna hat is not available, an alternative can be a regular towel. The towel can be wrapped around the head, creating a temporary turban that will provide some protection against heat.

When choosing a sauna hat, consider a few issues. Firstly, the material – the best hats are made from natural wool, cotton, or fleece, which insulate well. Secondly, the size – the hat should fit well, but not be too tight to avoid discomfort. Thirdly, the design – although this is a matter of personal taste, many sauna enthusiasts appreciate hats with fun drawings or slogans that add a bit of humor to the sauna visit.


A robe after a sauna session is a true luxury. It provides warmth, comfort, and privacy, allowing the body to cool down gradually after an intense session. Sauna robes should be made of highly absorbent materials such as cotton or bamboo. They should also be loose to allow the skin to breathe.

When choosing a robe, pay attention to its size and length – it should be large enough to provide comfort, but not so long as to pose a tripping hazard. A hood is an added bonus that provides extra warmth and comfort. Pockets are also useful for storing items like glasses, a watch, or a phone.

Sauna Pillows and Mats

Sauna pillows and mats are as important as the other textiles. Sauna pillows, usually made from natural fabrics like linen, can provide extra support for the neck and head, which is especially important during long sessions. Mats, on the other hand, provide a comfortable sitting or lying area, protecting the skin from hot benches.

When choosing a sauna pillow or mat, consider a few things. First, the material – it should be heat-resistant, easy to clean, and quick-drying. Second, the size – it should be appropriate for the size of the sauna bench. Third, comfort – mats should be soft but at the same time provide adequate support.

Sauna Textile Sets

For those looking for the perfect gift for a sauna lover, a sauna textile set could be an excellent choice. These sets typically include everything needed for a comfortable and safe sauna experience, including towels, sauna kilts, hats, and robes. Some sets may also include additional accessories like pillows, mats, and even essential oils for aromatherapy.

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